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The Adventure Power® brand offers a complete line of batteries for powersports including motorcycles, scooters, ATV's, personal watercrafts, snowmobiles, and American V-Twins. Our batteries are designed, engineered and tested in accordance with JASA's JIS D 5302, the internationally accepted standard for power sports batteries, to meet the needs of the demanding lifestyle of the power sports enthusiasts. Adventure Power® offers a full range of options, including batteries that are compatible with virtually every model of power sport vehicle available.- everything from modern, high-performance lithium ion options for today’s high-powered vehicles, to more conventional lead acid batteries for early model, vintage machines.

Developed with time-tested technology, combined with modern manufacturing processes, to create powerful, reliable and affordable products, Adventure Power® batteries feature a high-impact-resistant case designed to reduce vibration resistance and offer longer life, making them highly dependable.

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Lines2 (2)Adventure Power’s® batteries and chargers put you on the leading edge with highly-competitive pricing and consistently high-quality products. Designed for extreme adventures, Adventure Power® should be every enthusiast’s and purist’s choice when reliability and performance matters. Let your adventures begin!


Adventure Power® is a brand and registered trademark of Universal Power Group, Inc.