Do these batteries have a memory?

No, but performance increases after five or six cycles.

Is there in depth criteria regarding handling warranty or viability issues with our end users?

UPG gives a 2 year warranty from date of purchase against manufacturer defects.

Do you suggest a certain load tester compatible with this technology?

Yes, a carbon pile load tester should be used at 4 x Capacity. Therefore, you can test a 7Ah battery by putting a 28A load on it for three seconds and the battery voltage should be greater than 9 volts. You can also use a Midtronics tester to test the battery.

Are they charged and ready to go out of the box?


What are the maximum amps that the battery will accept from a charger?

These can take 1C, or 1 x Capacity in all cases except for Case size 3 (the 27Ah-36Ah), which takes a maximum charge of 24A. For all other sizes, for instance, the maximum charge rate of the 21Ah is 21Amps.

Can the battery be oriented on any axis (mounted in any direction), such as on its side?

Absolutely, it can even be used upside down unlike some lead acid.

If you need more current or amps, is it OK to simply parallel two or more batteries?

Yes, but doing so voids the warranty. Race teams do not seem to mind, and we are sponsoring several different types of race cars that are using two batteries in parallel.

Will all rectifiers and alternators charge these properly? I have seen with some older bikes they don’t charge the battery correctly.

Yes, these are plug and play for over 95% of the 12V motorcycles on themarket, and they usually work better on old bikes because there is no parasitic drain. The maximum recommended charge voltage is 14.6V, which almost all bikes comply with.

Would high heat from the oil tank in custom bikes affect the battery?

Yes, heat is bad for ALL battery chemistries. The battery will still work, but it can shorten the life. It is recommended to operate at 130 degrees Fahrenheit or below.

Will the case size three come with the series bar connected or installed?

No, it would be classified as Hazmat to ship the battery with it installed. It’s best to show the end user how to install it prior to installation.

Is there a specific Harley Davidson battery cross-over sheet?

Yes, there is a full cross reference for all motorcycles

Are fully automatic three stage chargers such as the Noco Genius chargers safe to leave on as a trickle, or will it potentially not shut off and overcharge the battery?

You can use a standard three stage charger or maintainer with no overcharge problems.

If it is not a lead battery, how do we recycle it?

The same manner as any other lithium battery, through an approved recycling agent. In some cases it can be disposed of after discharging in normal trash (there are no heavy metals or anything toxic) but it’s best to check with your local municipality first.

A lot of boat guys are concerned with weight? Would this be ideal for a marine out board engine?

If the CCA is adequate to start the boat, then yes. It would not be recommended to use these as a trolling motor battery, however.

Can these be used in a deep cycle application?

These are not designed for cyclic applications.

When the battery does die, is it progressive catastrophic?

Unlike lead acid, it should work 95% or greater until the end of life, where it will drop off completely.

There is a port in the top of the battery. What is it?

There are pins in there to connect a Lithium Iron Phosphate charger, which we are not offering (yet), but you can also probe the pins with a voltmeter to determine if there is a bad cell.

Is there issues with overcharging?

No, provided the charger is not over the recommended maximum amperage and stays under the 14.6V threshold.

Does the customer have to use adhesive foam pieces a specific way to make it fit or do they puzzle piece it together?

They are made to fit perfectly to raise height, increase width, or increase length and designed to be dummy proof.

2000 cycles @ what depth of discharge percentage?

80% DOD

Does the higher voltage hurt the starter?

Since voltage is only slightly higher, current is not increased that much. However, starting time is reduced 30%+, the starter actually remains cooler than with a lead acid battery.

Is the warranty date from when customer buys the product?

Warranty is one year from you purchases product, but as long as we continue to sell this product, we will honor any reasonable warranty because we believe the warranty rate will be so small.